Proton Satria Car Review

The Proton Satria is a hatchback that offers decent handling and plenty of kit. The Satria delivers a firm ride that may not be to the liking of everyone. The Satria is a little short on headroom and may not accommodate taller passengers as well.

Buyers can choose between two petrol engines. The 1.6-litre engine is the best choice but isn’t as fast or powerful as many competitors. The Satria handles well and provides plenty of grip and sharp steering.

The Satria doesn’t provide a smooth or refined ride. The Satria handles well but delivers a firm ride that is accompanied by excessive noise; road, wind, and engine. Buyers may expect the price of the Satria to reflect the ride quality but the purchase price and running costs are higher than would be expected.


Proton is well known for producing bargain cars but the Satria isn’t a cheap purchase. Fuel expenses and running costs will also be high and name brand competitors offer similar offerings for about the same price or lower.

The Satria suffers from lack of headroom in the front and lack of head and legroom for back seat passengers. Boot space is also limited and accessing the front seats can also be somewhat of a challenge for some passengers.

The Satria’s controls are basic and fairly simple to operate with the exception of the electric window controls. They are not conveniently positioned and can be awkward to operate.

The Satria’s front seats adjust for height but have limited adjustment. Some passengers may find the seats uncomfortable especially on longer drives. The steering column also adjusts for height and not reach.

Parking the Proton Satria is easy enough. Thanks to excellent handling and rear parking sensors combined with the Satria’s size parking shouldn’t be an issue. Large side mirrors help out a lot also when parking.

Life Style

The Satria handles well and provides plenty of grip. Body roll is controlled and the Satria’s steering is sharp. The Satria provides a firm ride and road imperfections are felt all too well.

The Satria would make a good second car for a family. It would not make a good primary vehicle due to its limited cabin and storage space. The Satria also provides limited levels of comfort.

Proton Satria

The Satria would not be the best choice of first cars. It is more expensive than some competitors and will be costly to maintain and run. The Satria is easy enough to drive and park even for novice drivers.

Proton is known as a bargain brand and for producing cheap cars. The Satria sports a decent build quality and should prove to be reliable. The Satria is not bargain priced compared to more respected competitors and may have a difficult time competing for buyers.

Safety and Security

The Proton Satria comes standard with an alarm, remote central locking, and an engine immobilizer. Given the Satria’s lack of kerb appeal this should be enough security but for buyers who desire additional security a visual deterrent may be a good idea. Deadbolts are not included even on the options list.

The Satria’s standard safety features include driver front and twin airbags. Other airbags are not included even on the options list. Traction control and electronic stabilizing aids are not available either.

The Finishing Touches

The Satria’s standard audio unit includes an MP3 compatible CD player. The unit provides good sound quality. There are other upgrades available depending on the trim level that is selected.

The Satria also comes standard with electric windows, and air-conditioning. Higher trim levels include Bluetooth capabilities, alloy wheels, climate control, and cruise control.


The Satria comes standard with a good level of kit. The Satria’s handling and steering are excellent but the ride quality is only average. Given the Satria’s asking price buyers may want to scope out the competition as well.